About Us

AvLeon Solutions is a Pune based software company providing quality solutions.

We focus on providing you with cutting edge technology solutions, helping you to take your business to the next level. The emphasis is on using Open Source technologies in order to deliver the most cost effective, secure & up-to-date solutions & enabling you with the tools to take your business to the next level.

Our expertise lies in the customisation & development of e-learning solutions, e-commerce solutions, organisational portals, digital marketing and QA services among many others that will enable your business to operate more efficiently and profitably. Whatever your business goals, we will find a solution to help you meet them.

At AvLeon Solutions we believe in long term relationship with our customers and to add more to our client list from the reference of our existing ones.

Open Source is the current buzz word in software development circles. Because it is open source, anyone can work on improving the software, and the end result is usually a feature packed, easy to use and highly customisable software.

Our basket of services include:
  • Custom Web Solution
  • e-Commerce Solution
  • Site Design / Hosting and Maintenance
  • Digital Marketing
  • QA Services
  • Cloud Deployments and Solutions

We are continuously striving to give you the best solution without compromising on quality. Hence we are always adding services to our basket.

We Provide Best Services

Web Development

Avleon Solutions is a professional and dedicated web development company having proficiency and experience in designing websites to accomplish goals that generates sales and are assets to the business. We understand that each company has their unique requirements from the designing point of view. In spite of the complex functional requirements, we seamlessly fuse eloquent design strategies and aim at high quality, cost effective, mission critical web designing that acts as a bridge between the user and the technology. We offer professional Web Designing Services and in-house team of experts having excellent skills to create unique and attractive websites. We also have expertise in building robust, scalable and secure Web Applications and we follow agile development methodology to ensure accurate and faster delivery.

e-Commerce Solution

Our online shopping cart solutions give your online business the functionality and flexibility to successfully sell your products online. We understand that every business may have its own requirements when it comes to e-commerce, depending on your requirement, you have the option to choose from the Standard or Professional version of our e-commerce software. Our Standard shopping cart solution is designed for startup e-commerce ventures and is packaged to give you all the main e-commerce features, starting from product management to shopping cart to payment processing, with complete administration control panel to manage your e-commerce store. Professional Shopping Cart - Create that perfect virtual online shopping experience Our Professional Shopping cart solution is for packaged for advanced e-commerce store operators, who have complex business process and wish to build in advanced features to their shopping solution. Apart from the basic shopping modules this solution can be customised to bring forth true shopping user experience and taste of real virtual shopping.

Digital Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing the website to bring the websites position on the higher ranks on search engine results pages. In the process of SEO, when a user goes through any search engine and makes a search with a keyword then, it provides you the whole page listing in the top results. And this result shows the Page Rank of the website. Whether it is coming on the first page which means a good position or or on some other pages means need improvement. Mainly different methods followed to increase the traffic on the websites.

We believe that, SEO may require lots of time, patience, and efforts, but it isn’t always true that it also require lots of dollars. We offer affordable yet effective link building solutions to our clients. Compared to many SEO companies who charge thousands of dollars for a single SEO campaign.

Social Media Marketing - Newest and best marketing tool

Are you in a mood to start a new business, then it is sure that you will be thinking of its marketing work. As marketing is the major point of any business also the important aspect of any business strategy. The profit and loss of any business is equally depends on its marketing policies and ways of marketing. If the product is really good but not advertised nicely then the product will have no market and no buyers. So, in today’s fast changing world, when every work is done online then how can marketing be left behind. With the involvement of social media in marketing, it has become easier and quicker. Social media marketing is the latest and faster way of marketing done through social media such as blogs, community sites, video sharing sites etc. Today the popular sites/applications like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube has millions of visitors every day and are considered to be an important hub for marketing.

QA Services

Assuring the quality of your application, it needs in-depth testing considering all user aspects. Mostly, good applications fall prey to bad or immature testing practices losing out best of market opportunities. What if we tell you that we can provide support to your team and secure all the market potential by ensuring that your application meets user requirements, or if we tell you that you can launch a seamless and stunner application every time. AvLeon Solutions tests your application from every aspect to ensure nothing but high performance.

Software Testing Services

AvLeon Solution is a one-stop destination to all of your testing needs. We offer wide-range of comprehensive testing solutions tailored to meet needs. Automation Engineering & Testing With the developing needs and desires for clients with respect in innovation and addiction on assorted categories of a software product, the IT business is on track towards huge expansion. Software companies are persistently changing their methodology and embracing better and quicker practices. For example Agile and DevOps to release and convey quality products to their customers within a short ability to focus time.

Manual Testing

Our group consists of wise men and women who know the way to test your product and consider each of the measures ahead of time. The best practice means that all facets of your products, particularly new ones, should be passed via the manual software testing based on previously designed evaluation plan and test cases. That's the way when a test engineer plays the role of end-user of the app and verifies that it behaves as specified in first requirements.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based solutions offer benefits like a pay-as-you-go model, so you never pay for more than what you use. This is helpful for startups on a budget because this keeps the expense in line with the company growth. There’s no need to worry about investing upfront for software, licenses and infrastructure costs. Currently the cloud base services have become more affordable as software as a service (SaaS) solutions are available to suit nearly any business need.

Public clouds are available through cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform etc.

At AvLeon Solutions, we help you in analysing your requirements, feasibility in clouds and assist you in developing, deploying your applications into the Cloud solutions.